If you are "Lost in Skination", you are actually exactly where you need to be!

Are you wondering how to step up your skin game but have no clue where to start? Let us get lost together in this universe with some laughs and giggles along the way while keep our facts in check. We’re letting you in on ‘skinny’ of what the experts really recommend, as well as the latest innovations in non-surgical techniques, the biggest trends including those inspired by particularly awe-inducing women. Blanketed with keen esthetic and creativity, we call this your safe zone - a place you come to when seeking skin-related answers. What about you? As you inspire us and share information about yourselves, I take inspiration from all of you out there because my wish is to get to know you better and show you how much you already know.


My skincare is my foundation

Whether you are a working-girl, a full-time mom, or a student, since you've been a young girl you've always wanted to feel pretty. Feeling pretty is also about us feeling strong. Given its undeniability, beauty is what inspires me.

As a French woman, I believe that true beauty starts with the skin; it should glow, be soft, and be healthy. Taking care of your skin is part of what makes us pretty. There are an infinite number of ways to care for your skin, whether it be cosmetic, medical, para-medical, nutrition-based, scientific, and even evoking the traditions of grandma’s timeless beauty secrets. From Paris to LA, passing by New York and Singapore, I suggest that we explore how all of this works, and what actually works for us. I want to take care of you for beauty really does start at the skin.


So who am I?

At age 5, like many girls at that age, I played with dolls. But unlike most of them, I slathered my dolls with face cream and prescribed them an array of skincare regimens. This is what it was like growing up in a Parisian family laden with dermatologists who are obsessed with skin creams. It didn’t take me long to convert my bathroom into a lab, all ready for experimentation and analyses. Through observation, my passion quickly became an obsession. Years later, at age 20, I began my career in France in marketing at L’Oreal, followed by positions in the magical realms of Estée Lauder, where I was blessed with the opportunity to help launch famed beauty powerhouse Creme de la Mer, as well as Jo Malone perfumes. Next, I worked at Guerlain where I helped develop their makeup line. Finally, after having moved to Canada, I took on yet another beauty experience working in skincare (yes, again!) at Valmont.


I am just like you.

I have been living in Montreal for the last 3 years with my husband Laurent and our two children, Raphael and Chiara. However Paris remains my city - sorry not sorry. When I am there, I feel the immense energy of this wondrous place. It fills me with a vibe that is electric, chaotic and intoxicating, which in turn, brings me feelings of great ease and comfort. I can walk the streets of Paris for hours, people watching and window shopping, enthralled with the style, the architecture, the fashion. I love everything this city has to offer by way of culture, gastronomic prowess, aesthetic, and refinement.

Although I am Parisian in so many ways - oui oui, I will always have Italy in my heart since my mother is Italian.

So what about Montréal? The city where I discovered how my skin reacts to extreme weather conditions. The place where I also came to the realization that I am oh-so-very ‘French’. Along my journey, discovered that this charming North American city is also a mecca for all things health and wellness. Montrealers love their sports and they love their beauty products. Despite bilingual tensions - hi bonjour, I see a city boasting with loyal and creative girlfriends, as well as a city filled with positivity - in short, this is the perfect place to get Lost in Skination.

So... it is while getting lost in the richness of skincare that I have finally found my way - the next step in my adventure. Let us get lost in skination together!