The best skincare products that won't break the bank

meilleur produits de soin à moins de 35$

with 10 years of beauty marketing...

under my belt, a community of dermatologists surrounding me and friends all over whom I consider beauty aficionados, not to mention an overstuffed medicine cabinet, I have learned a lot and tried so much! Skincare is my passion so nothing will stop me and after training with so many of the top brands in the biz, like LaMer, Guerlain, Estée Lauder, and Valmont to name a few... I give you a backstage pass to help this navigate this ever-evolving world of skincare.  Some products are really worth their hefty price; you’re paying for the technology or a super rare ingredient but others are uber adorable and really do what they claim to do.  

Who doesn’t love amazing, efficient skincare products with a maximum ticket price of $35?!


i have compiled a list… wait for it…

The Ordinary, Buffet

Need something anti-aging?  This peptide complex is packed with 11 amino acids and multiple Hyaluronic Acid complexes to help minimize fine lines and boost complexion.  My mother-in-law has been using it for 3 months now and everyone compliments her on her skin so it definitely works, even on more mature skin.


Bioderma Atoderm shower oil

This is the best!  If you have sensitive skin like me, you can tell immediately when a shower gel doesn’t agree with your skin.  This oil is ultra-hydrating but also respects my skin’s PH.  Even my children use it.  It’s seen us through some of the most extreme weather conditions Canadian winters have to offer.  It’s also ideal in the summertime.  I even wash my face with it!  It’s non-abrasive and leaves my skin soft. 

The Ordinary Retinol in Squalane 0,2%

My skin never felt irritated with this particular serum.  I wake up the next day with radiant, soft skin. The retinol concentration is low which helps in not irritating my skin. If your skin reacts well to retinol, you can use higher concentrations (0.5% - 1%).

5,30 $

Atoderm Hands

Made up of vitamin B3 and glycerine, this specially formulated hand cream can actually bring even the most dehydrated hands back to life.  The natural ingredient Shea butter leaves hands silky smooth and can be used on adults as well as children.

Cocokind Skincare Mymatcha

A great stick I like to apply to my lips and eye contours for decongestion and hydration. I discovered this products right here in Canada.  Just wait until the Parisians catch wind of it!


Acure, Brightening, Facial Scrub

Comprised of micro grains, this scrub reveals a true glow in your complexion, in only two minutes.  I use it once a week to exfoliate and rid my skin of impurities... and the best part is that it doesn’t mess with the skin’s natural lipid barrier.


100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

Rose Hip Seed Oil is rich in omega 3, omega 6 and pro-vitamin A.  It targets signs of photo-aging and rehydrates skin in an especially intense way.  To be applied at night.


Miss de Gaspe roll with it

Roller containing192 titanium grade micro-needles.

The micro needles are passed over skin in order to create micro points.  This allows for better absorption of products as well as stimulates collagen and elastin production.  This results in skin that has fewer fine lines and appears more radiant. My upper lip shows tremendous results.



This is longtime fave in French parapharmacies.  Biafine is used to treat burns, sunburns, superficial wounds and redness.


Uriage Bariderm Cica lips repairing balm

Fall is upon us, and the perils of winter are imminent.  This product is a drug for my lips.  My lips are often dehydrated, uncomfortable, and tend to appear irritated in this horrendous weather.  If this sounds familiar, throw a little of it on yourself, and even on your kids to heal those cracked dried lips.  


What about all of y’all? Have you any hidden skincare scores under $35? Waiting to hear from you on this...