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Passionate creator, bonafide it girl of the moment whose embroidered kimonos are both handmade and blessed by a shaman in Big Sur, California.  Somewhere between mystical spirituality and style, you’ll discover this whirlwind of creativity, a joyful and unique talent who happens to know everything under the sun by way of skincare.

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Diane is everywhere. I hear her name, talk of her beautiful creations, read plenty of articles about her and follow her on social media, yet I do not know how to actually make contact.  One day, during a trip to Los Angeles with my friend Chirel (another unique character whom you’ll meet later on), while making our way to  TreePeople she says:

Chirel : I really want you to meet my friend Diane.
Me: (flabbergasted) : Diane Goldstein ?
Chirel : Yes! Do you know her?
In all my excitement, I literally drop 5 meters to the ground, on my ass, on a mound of dirt.  Meanwhile, god bless Chirel, I land my phone interview with THE Diane.

So the following Tuesday, July 24 at 4pm, totally psyched, I call... she doesn’t answer right away. I wait.  « She’ll never call me back, she’s totally busy».  Five minutes later, a call back.  I answer, my smile beaming.  I hear a warm and determined voice on the other end.  She addresses me like a like girlfriend, as though we are long time friends.

 « I’m in an elevator, the line could get cut».  The door opens and through the phone, I can hear the sound of heels hitting the parquet floor, and the noise a lighter makes as its flicked to light up both a cigarette and some inspiration.  After an hour of on the phone I’m beginning to realize that Diane doesn’t have 1000 things to share with me but 100,000.  We will definitely need another phone date. « Diane, you aren’t rid of me just yet! »


on the phone...

---> Diane, what's your earliest memory of skincare?

DG : I’ve had a crazy fascination with cosmetics for as long as I can remember.  From very early on, I longed for beautiful skin, unblemished and silky.  For me, this wasn’t a superficial thing or something you acquire but more of a foundation.  I’m also obsessed with good hair, followed by teeth (laughter).  I have very pale skin and could never really tolerate being in the sun. When I was 18, a friend urged me to get a facial at Joëlle Ciocco, it was in a tiny little room off a hair salon.  At that time, she was just starting out.  For me, this was a revelation. I continued at Anne Semonin.  These days, I get treatments at Biologique Recherche.

 ---> How did you go from April, May to Korea?

DG : I started out working at Paul & Joe and then started my own ready-to-wear line with my husband, called April, May, named after our respective birth months. 
In 2015, we partnered with some people in Korea.  I went back and forth several times and that’s when I familiarized myself with their skincare regimens.  I was quickly inspired by the daily rituals of Korean women, rituals that were so aligned with my own skincare needs and desires: the importance of taking care of your skin and how to respect it.
The lip masks, eye masks, sheet masks of all kinds, thousands of products that I had never heard of.  Brands like Dr. Jart, that we hear about today but we’re virtually unknown in at the time.
It was only a matter of time before I partnered in the creation of skincare April, May2 masks, 1 cream SPF 50, a whitening cream and a stick SPF 50.
Most recently, I launched my brand, Monoki. I make kimonos that are blessed by a shaman, pants, and purses too.  With Monoki I blend my desires and inspirations, with amazing embroidered fabrics and a touch of mystical spirituality. 

---> What are your TOP 5 skincare products at the moment?

Now I hear the familiar sound of her heels making their way to her bathroom.  

screen shot phone of diane goldstein

---> What’s your morning routine?

DG: I start with the spray Eau thermale Avene, and using a cotton pad, I apply l'Aqua Magnifica de Sanoflore.
Next, I prepare my little cocktail of 3 sérums : Juno Essential face oil de Sunday RileyHylauronic acid 2%+B5 and Buffet + Copper Peptides 1% by The Ordinary. I also love the Serum Elastine Pure de Biologique Recherche.I also like this mist that keeps my skin hydrated all day called Brume hydratante hydrating accelerator de Josh Rosebrook , the cream, Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30 is also amazing.  During the winter, I can’t get by without my Dr Barbara Sturm face cream.
Oh and I love using Resultime - Essence lissante collagene before the serums because it really plumps up my skin.
So now I’m opening my cabinet, thank god I’m home because I don’t think I could remember all this!!!

---> What about at night?

DG : You know what?  Makeup removal is my thing.  I start with the cleansing milk Lait EV (embryonnaire visage) from Biologique Recherche, followed by Jeffrey James Botanicals, The Wash that I then rinse off. I also use DHC Deep cleansing oil , which I also rinse off.  There’s one I love called Ceremony cleanser matcha+ spirulina de Odacité.
And every other night I use Sebologie gel régulateur correction imperfections de Lierac.
And one thing I am hyper ritualistic about is my P50W from Biologique Recherche, which gently exfoliates my skin.  
Next, I move on to the oils, some of which I bring home from Marrakech like jasmine oil with vitamin E and most recently I brought back 100% cold pressed virgin Marula oil de Deciem.
I then apply my night creams , Algenist Genius crème globale anti-âgeNatura Bissée diamond cream, and I make a little concoction out of all my Peter Thomas Roth masks. 

Tips from Diane Goldstein

And, because beauty starts from within, I like to complement my skincare routine with healthy eating habits.  I begin every day with a cup of warm water and lemon.  I then make my juice with apple, seaweed, spirulina, blue-green algae, chlorella, alfafa, wheat grass...
Afterwards, I play around with Dr Schulze’s Superfood Plus or Hum nutrition Daily Cleanse, which help to detoxify my skin and body.  
SuperYou Moon Juice SuperYou™ helps reduce stress and boost energy, mood, and concentration. 
Mega Food Daily Turmeric Nutrient Booster Powder™, a staple, I use it everyday.

---> When you travel, what would one find in your toiletry bag?

It’s horrible because I simply cannot make up my mind!  So I buy hundreds of travel size products at Sephora and I overpack for every step of my routine and I label it all!

---> So where do you find most of your inspiration?

During my travels. This is how I came to create L’Essence Chamanique, which is 100% natural. I discovered a perfume made with Patchouli essential oil (which I came across at a small supplier’s operation), and then mixed it with some of my products from the US.


I have this affinity for astrology and I do tarot card readings.  I also light Palo Santo sticks (they emanate such a a divine scent) and sage in order to cleanse my cards after every reading. 
What you need to know is that everyone who wants to surround and protect themselves needs Palo Santo and sage!  Especially for your home, to rid any negative or ancient energies that can stagnate your growth.  


Conversation with Diane Goldstein