Flight in Skination

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The only environment more unnatural than a pressurized airplane cabin to the human body is actually Mars.  Flying can even reduce the plumpest of skins to the shriveled texture of a California raisin.  Don’t even get me started on the amount of airborne bacteria and allergens that are free to be fruitful and multiply.  These factors, coupled with the usual travel stressors that trigger their own anticipatory hormonal responses, such as redness and inflammation, leave you in the eye of a veritable skin apocalypse.  


For all skin types... follow it every time you fly and save your skin. 

✈️ Keep it real

Fly ‘au naturel’ and avoid putting on too much of a face... sticking to minimal makeup is helpful.

✈️ Stick to healthy pre-flight habits

Sabotage the airborne bloat factor by trying your best to minimize the salty meals and boozy beverages.

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✈️ Plump up the volume

of hydration that is. The JOSH ROSE BROOK HYDRATION ACCELERATOR is a combination hydrator, toner and a light moisturizer all in one.  With a plethora of antioxidants, fatty acids, aloe and herbal anti-inflammatories, it delivers a maximal skin boost while calming redness and inflammation.

✈️ Switch to plane mask mode

The DR. JART WATER REPLENISHMENT COTTON SHEET MASK yields the cooling, refreshed sensation and appearance your skin yearns for when under Sahara-like circumstances.   

✈️ Armor up

Protect your skin from moisture loss with the DR. JART CERAMIDIN CREAM. It mimics the skin’s natural protective shield and improves the condition of skin that is compromised by environmental aggressors.

✈️ Need more?

Lock in essential moisture by adding INDIE LEE SQUALANE FACIAL OIL to your moisturizer for added armor.

✈️ Don’t skip SPF - ever

DRUNK ELEPHANT UMBRA SHEER™ is a broad spectrum SPF that defends skin against free radicals and environmental aggressors without greasiness or ghostly films.


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✈️ Be germ free AF

Use a Q-tip to line your nostrils with NEOSPORIN and reduce your chances of catching airborne germs. 

✈️ S.W.A.K

Protect your pucker with OLIO E OSSO LIP BALM.  It’s both uber flattering and intensively hydrating.

✈️ Hands up

No need to shrivel up - never fly without NUORI VITAL HAND CREAM.

Many moisturizers contain humectants that pull water from the atmosphere. If you use a humectant in low humidity environment such as in an airplane it can pull water from your skin rather than the environment. Spraying a facial water on your skin before applying a moisturizer will give the humectant water to pull into the skin rather than the other way around.