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In France, a market where over-the-counter personal hygiene and skincare products are sold.

PARIS... my home.  The city where I was born... the Mecca of fashion, of culture and gastronomy, of romanticism and architecture, of cool parisian girls with effortless style and relaxed hairdos, of "je ne sais quoi", cafés but also the city of people with attitude problems, traffic jams, pollution, disgusting pigeons and dog shit... 

In Paris, these drugstores make me feel like a kid in a candy store, I want to buy it all, learn about all the different products and how they differ one to the next...

Imagine for a moment a place that houses the best of what renowned French laboratories have to offer... packed with the most efficient of ingredients, the mythical Embryolisse lait-crème concentré or the highly coveted Homeoplasmine, or even still the holy grail of cleansers L'Eau Micellaire.  This is not news. It's time to catch up to what the French have been up to for the last 10 or even 20 years.
I’m here to propose only the offerings of the most sought after drugstore isles in Paris, those products that those most certifiable skincare addicts, experts in thermal waters and night serums would use, without gauging your budget.  

In sum, I give you my ultimate list of products I brought along with me in Canada and in the end, good news, you can find them all online:

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the ultimate list

Eau thermal Avène

Eau thermale - Avène

The thermal water cult.  I’m sure you know all about it but it’s worth mentioning it once more; thermal water appeases and refreshes the skin after being in the sun, an irritation, mere makeup removal or even a surgical procedure.  

Cicalfate - Avène

This is a miracle cream that actually heals the skin.  For kids and adults alike, it helps repair skin from minor burns and wounds in record time.

Liniment oléo calcaire

For babies and young children in particular, diaper rash will no longer haunt you.  It is naturally formulated using olive oil and it cleans and protects effectively.

Hyalu B5 - Laroche Posay

Soin 40 ml - Sérum 30 ml - Fraîchement sortis mais bientôt des hit.
New to shelves but it’s already a hit.  Comprised of two different hyaluronic acids and vitamin B5, this serum also contains additional ingredients that help repair and restore the epidermal barrier as well as boost skin regeneration.   


L’huile de douche Atoderm, Bioderma

This is the best!  If you have sensitive skin like me, you can tell immediately when a shower gel doesn’t agree with your skin.  This oil is ultra-hydrating but also respects my skin’s PH.  Even my children use it.  It’s seen us through some of the most extreme weather conditions Canadian winters have to offer.  It’s also ideal in the summertime.  I even wash my face with it!  It’s non-abrasive and leaves my skin soft.