How to get rid of those pesky dark spots?

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Hyperpigmentation stemming from an overproduction of melatonin (that which gives our hair and skin its pigmentation) on certain areas of the skin.  They are characterized by the appearance of dark spots.  There are multiple causes for this;
- Prolonged sun exposure in those areas
- Post-pregnancy chloasma
- Contraceptive-related
- Post-inflammation due to scarring from a pimple

Oftentimes, they appear on the face: the forehead, between the eyebrows, cheeks, upper lip.



Me: Mamie... what are those brown spots on your hands?
My Grandmother: well my darling, these are the marks of an old lady. 


My Daughter: Maman... what is this stain on your temple? 
Moi: well my darling, these are the marks of... well, it’s late, time for bed!!

...But she was right, There it was, my very first old lady mark, right there on my temple.  😱😱😱
... Which begs the question, how do I rid myself of these pesky brown spots once and for all, so long after the sun tans of my youth have vanished?   

I’ve read all of the articles, compiled the methods,  made a thorough analysis, consulted with Parisian dermatologist Dr. Joëlle Sebaoun, and I now have several solutions for you, ranging from skincare prevention to dermatological peels for the more tenacious invaders.



Applying SPF50 anti-UVA/UVB, anti-visible light,  anti-infrared everyday, and every two hours when in prolonged direct sun exposure.  See The Ultimate protection guide article. 


Truthfully, results don’t go from zero to 100 overnight. With two months of meticulous compliance, you will stop the spots dead in their tracks and develop stability in the area.  Only once you achieve this can any real improvements ensue.  

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Laroche Posay Pigmentclar serum

This corrective serum works on reducing the appearance of dark spots and unifying skin tone.  It delivers a prolonged effectiveness.  Its high concentration of LHA offers a soft exfoliation with a rapid unifying effect.  The anti-dark spot complex (made up of PhE-resorcinol + ginkgo + ferulic acid) significantly reduces dark spots and pigmentation problems.


Laroche Posay Redermic C10

It is composed of intensive anti-aging hydration and 10% pure vitamin C.  It fights all signs of aging including wrinkles, loss of firmness, blotchy skin tone, waning luminosity, all without improvising tolerance. 


 Laroche Posay Pigmentclar UV FPS 30

Daily unifying skincare.  This product complements serums well and boosts ingredient efficiency, resulting in a more even skin tone.  When applied daily, it protects skin from environmental stressors like pollution and UVA.


Skinceuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector

Il a été prouvé cliniquement qu’Advanced Pigment Corrector diminue les taches pigmentaires récalcitrantes. Ce soin puissant exfolie la peau pour booster sa luminosité. Aussi, il augmente la résistance aux nouvelles taches pigmentaires, améliore la luminosité pour redonner de l’éclat à la peau et il est idéal pour tous les types de peau.

(Not available in Canada, available in the US and France)


SPF Skinceuticals ultra facial defense SPF50+ 

Clinically victorious as an advanced pigment corrector and reducer of rebel dark spots.  This intense treatment exfoliates the skin thereby boosting its luminosity and reestablishing radiance for all skin types.


Avène Ysthéal anti wrinkle cream

The Ystheal anti-wrinkle cream preserves the capital youth factors of the skin thanks to its specially formulated combination of active ingredients:
🌙 RETINALDEHYDE: Like retinol but adapted to sensitive skin, it has many anti-aging and wrinkle-reducing benefits.
🌙 L'O.G.G.: Reinforces cutaneous elasticity for skin that is more toned and healthier looking.
🌙 AVENE THERMAL WATER: Soothes and appeases.


If this type of skincare regimen proves to be insufficient for your case, a visit to the dermatologist would be the next step to take.  You may be in need of some higher concentrations. 


For stubborn, more severe dark spots, the dermatologist may recommend a trio of hydroquinone-based Kligman pigment, vitamin A acid, and cortisone. Be extra frightful of the sun if this is the case and be sure to stay covered and protected!!!

So there you have it... Dark spots is a serious Skination subject matter, and I am therefore treating it as such.  Going to say goodbye for now but please feel free to send me your questions, concerns and comments...