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- Ok, super! So let’s do this over the phone.  Kisses... y’all next week.

Upon hanging up, I literally jump for joy (my screech resembling something from a cross between a pidgin and a cheetah). I landed an interview with Lea Trichter!

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_Lea Trichter Pariente

Lea is a subtle blend of intellect, culture, and refinement.  For me, she oozes elegance while maintaining a certain “Parisian-esque” discretion.  She is currently the co-editor-in-chief at famed Parisian magazine L’Officiel - a cult classic.  Amidst the countless fashion weeks, exhibits, and interviews... she captures the zeitgeist eloquently - this is her craft.  It’s been been 12 years since she debuted at the magazine and it all went by in the blink of an eye...

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For those of you unfamiliar with L’Officel, let me catch you up.  It’s a magazine that crystallizes the best and most beautiful that Paris, and France for that matter, have to offer.  In the ‘50’s, L’Officiel was considered to be the most influential publication on fashion.  Writers of mythical proportions like Collette and Jean Cocteau contributed to its magnanimous success.  Reading it dares me to dream and has helped me cultivate my discerning palette for the the latest trends while basking in this atmosphere of elegance, of luxury and correctness ‘a la Française’.

If I can’t make it to Paris, I read L’Officiel - it’s the most affordable first class ticket in the world.

And so, the pressure was on... this interview, albeit over the phone, was huge deal.  I throw on my mother-in-law’s vintage Chanel jacket to set the mood...

I strut around my kitchen as if it were the Louis Vuitton runway at fashion week, preparing lunches for my kids.  The phone rings... it’s her!

the phone rings…

---> Lea, your work at L’Officiel fascinates me... what can you tell us about it?

LT : L’Officiel is a family-run operation, managed by Marie Josee Jalou and her four kids.  We cover multiple subjects: fashion, culture, art, cinema, music, jewelry, travel... among others.  At L’Officiel, we capture what is the absolute latest in trends and luxury.  Milan, Paris, London, New York, Miami, Madrid, Budapest, The Seychelles, India... my work has allowed me to meet amazing people, creative and inspiring in various domains.  

In editing, each day is different from the next.  Many changes, in terms of artistic direction and editors-in-chief, transpired around me.  The day-to-day as an editor, laden with trust, exuberant laughter and surprises, is rewarding and rich in interpersonal experiences and values.

---> Who are the women who inspire you most?

LT: Francoise Giroud and Anne Sinclair

Françoise Giroud (1916-2003) was a journalist, writer, and French female politician.  She created a paper called L’Express.
Anne Sinclair (born in 1948) is an American-born French television and radio interviewer.

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--->  How do you choose your subjects?

LT : I go on the hunt for things I don’t see much of. I read foreign press, visit fairs, and art shows. In my experience, creative circles tend to cross paths; I can meet someone from the fashion world at an art exhibit for example. I am especially open to everything, always. I am inspired by every aspect of my career. Lately, we put a lot of emphasis on the digital, on social media; social networks have become an obvious source of inspiration as well.

---> What are your thoughts on the beauty industry?

LT: For me, the beauty industry is very much it’s own universe - heavily branded and marketed.  I hadn’t always been interested in beauty but over time, my interest has grown, along with my necessity for it.  I enjoy that transparency is becoming increasingly trendy, with an emphasis on results and authenticity.  Products may not be packaged as pretty but the they contain higher concentrations of active ingredients.  There is also a growing demand for products that are more natural.

MY MOTTO: “Beauty should be nothing more than a personalized assessment, case by case.  We are all different.”

Tips beauté Diane Goldstein

---> What is your preferred brand?

LT: In my business, we get very spoiled.  Honestly, I overdosed on products.  There were too many brands to choose from and I had no way of knowing which worked best for me.  At one point, in an effort to figure out what I actually needed, I quit everything.  Today, my favorite brand is Biologique Recherche. It’s both simple in its composition, and it’s practical.  At l’Ambassade de la Beauté in Paris  (Biologique Recherche), they establish a precise diagnosis of the skin, which guides our product choices.  I appreciate this bespoke approach. 

---> What is your routine?

LT : At Night. 

  • I use Lait VIP O2 from Biologique Recherche.  I must admit I had quite a phobia of cleansing milks. I attribute this to the acne demons of my youth... I always felt I had pores that clog easily.  But in fact, my dry skin really needed a cleansing milk, and not the micellar water I had been loyal to.  

  • I then use la Lotion P50. 

  • Next, crème contour des yeux et lèvres bioxifine

  • And I sleep with the masque vernix.


NDL: The ‘Sérums Authentiques’ are the purest that Biologique Recherche has to offer. They are essentially made up of active amino acids and peptides that are minimally preserved.

Sometimes I like to switch it up with the WASO line from Shiseido.  I like their mask, which peels off to reveal fresh skin, as well as the daytime CC moisturizer SPF30. I also like the Ultimune line... their ‘ Concentré activateur énergisant’ revitalizes my complexion. 

I love going to Odile Vilain - Les Mains d’Odile - rue Tronchet in the 8ème. She looks after Carole Bouquet among others. She recommends mixing rosewood essential oil into my moisturizer.  It smells divine!  In the evenings, if I have any imperfections that need looking after, I tend to them with lavender water.  

I also invested in a jade roller but since I started with the derma-roller, I’ve noticed a real difference.  It was a birthday gift from my sister.  It’s funny because even as I’m saying this, I realize how strange a gift this torturous instrument actually makes... 

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---> What is your best kept secret?

LT : Consider the décolleté the way would consider your face.  I would even include hands in this category. I noticed the degree to which the state of my hands betrays my age during the winter. I therefore use my face creams on the back of my hands.  I also drink celery juice each morning. I find my skin clearer and more radiant because of it.

---> In your opinion, what is the future of beauty and skincare?

LT : I think that it’s all in prevention... Being cautious in the sun and cut out carcinogenic products.  Lately, I’ve been wondering about injections.  Botox, would it agree with me?  I looked into it, read all about it and it’s clearly a real alternative... but I also enjoy some of the lines, they have their charm.


---> What are your most cherished memories from your 12 years at L’Officiel thus far?

LT : - The 90’s of L’Officiel, we selected some women powerhouses; I had an amazing time with Jeanne Moreau.

- The intimate interview with the king of contemporary art Jeff Koons, at Centre Pompidou.


- The festive interview with the Ibeyi sisters.

- The special edition Jean Cocteau, Karl Lagerfeld did shoot several actors for L’Officiel.

- Number 1000 of l’Officiel called « Militante » we had a bunch of women powerhouse: Natalia Vodianova, Sharon Stone, Carla Bruni Sarkozy, Salma Hayek et Liya Kebede. 

- The impactful interview with Vivienne Westwood and her husband Andreas Kronthaler 

- I also met with Alber Elbaz and Frederic Malle when they created a perfume together.

- The cover story with Alexa Chung at her beginnings in Brooklyn.

- Many fashion shows, such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel.