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_Medina Mahi

Facialist at Carita
Massage therapist and trainer at Valmont
Expert in lymphatic drainage

One of the primary missions of Lost in Skination is to shed light on the world of skincare and it’s ever-evolving professional grade techniques.  Hello Pro is among the most valued resources for finding advice from the pros (dermatologists, naturopaths, estheticians, surgeons...), made simple.

Today, we have Medina, a Parisian (yes that’s right, yet another!).  She is fresh and bright, and equipped with a set of golden hands.  She started out as an esthetician at Carita in Monaco and shortly thereafter, she managed the Valmont Spa in Montreal while training to become a licensed masseuse.

One of Medina’s specialties is in Lymphatic Draining.  Does this peak your curiosity?  Well, for my fellow Frenchies out there, Medina is back in Paris and soon enough, I will tell you where she can be found, but for now, here is what you all need to know...
PS: In my efforts to find the most efficient and interactive way of sharing information, I share with you this video, but please note that this is the first time I see myself on the screen #ilooksoawkward.

To Medina, I say THANK YO for the 83 takes for this video, with sound, without sound, jackhammer noises, and bad lighting.

Now let us watch the expert at work...


how that glow in 5 minutes flat?


---> What's lymphatic drainage exactly ?

MM : Lymphatic drainage, simply put, is a detoxification process facilitated by massage.

Lymph fluid is a translucent liquid that runs parallel to the venous (circulatory) system and allows for 85% of our body’s waste to be eliminated.  When facing environmental stressors like harsh weather, life challenges, and even a heavy meal, the lymphatic system around our faces tends to stagnate.  It becomes apparent around the eyes and cheeks and results in a general bloating of the face.  Starting at age 30, lymphatic draining can play an instrumental role increasing the efficiency of the lymphatic system, which can always use a boost, and the venous system, which is constantly being pumped.  Using your fingertips and the palm of your hand to massage the lymph nodes at the ganglion level, where the triangle of Venus resides, above the clavicle, around the neck, and behind the ears, a glow of the face becomes apparent within 5 minutes. 

It’s quick and efficient and the more you work it, the more you’ll glow.

 ---> How do you perform lymphatic massage on yourself when you apply your face cream??


---> What’s your ultimate tip for achieving great skin ? ?