OMG this face!

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People born between 1981 and 2001. Includes Generation Y (81-91) and Generation Z (91-2001). 


... I love everything about this term. I especially love being a digital native of this enigmatic generation that is defined by its capacity to adapt to an ever changing rhythm of innovation. Millennials are known to be fascinating, urban, and always intriguing.

Having been born in the early eighties and currently in my mid thirties I find my low maintenance routines are quickly becoming obsolete. With my fortieth birthday creeping up, it getting harder and harder to look in the mirror… are you feeling my vibe?

It’s taken me a moment but I am coming to terms with the image looking back at me in the mirror but every morning my inner monologue goes a little like this...

  • OMG this face. Did I drink too much last night? Is that it?

  • Was this wrinkle there yesterday? I don’t think it was... it could have been...

  • Should I stop smiling like Victoria Beckham?

  • Snap out of it, I still have lunches to make!

  • Mmm, I’m in the mood for chia.

  • What’s my mom doing in my bathroom? Oh wait, it’s me!

  • Its crazy how much I look like my mother. I remember being so young, watching her in the bathroom and today, I have my daughter staring at me. Oooh, I should really prepare her bottle…  

Millennial or not, I have come to realize that what we all need is an easy wellness regimen: that's right people, I said it, nutrition, exercise and a skincare routine that consists of good products that have lasting, visible effects.

So, here is my basic morning skincare routine. Let’s think of it as our simple starting point for the limitless Lost in Skination exploration. At any age, this is the foundation, our foundation.

Oh my daughter is still waiting for her milk, I've really got to go...

Fabienne Sebaoun

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and radiance booster that protects our skin from the damaging effects of the sun.
SPF is essential in blocking out the UVB rays, no matter the season. Winter or summer, never go out without never ever. No joke! Don’t mess with SPF.

MY routine

Lotion Guerlain Abeille honey nectar lotion

Lotion Guerlain Abeille honey nectar lotion

I rinse my face with cold water; no soap, no makeup remover. Next, I apply Lotion Guerlain Abeille royale nectar de miel. It tastes nothing like honey but instantly softens and illuminates my skin. I love the texture of this lotion and it totally preps my skin for what's next. 

Redermic C Laroche Posay

With its anti-aging properties, it leaves my skin soft and radiant.  I am partial to the one for sensitive skin.  I love this brand.  Not only has it been developed in a reputable French laboratory, but it is also supper efficient and accessible.  

Uriage Roséliane anti-redness rich cream

For maximal hydration. Very rich in texture, it leaves my skin oh so soft.  For oilier complexions, one can opt for the lighter Uriage Roséliane SPF 30.

Cocokind Skincare Mymatcha

A great stick I like to apply to my lips and eye contours for decongestion and hydration. I discovered this products right here in Canada.  Just wait until the Parisians catch wind of it!

SPF skinceuticals ultra facial defense SPF50+ 

Super effective and so lightweight that it pairs well with my makeup.  While on the pricier side of sun protection, its highly concentrated in active ingredients and the quality is unparalleled.  

Having worked in skincare for the better part of my adult life, I realize that I have much to share. Everywhere I go, I have seen different permutations and combinations of skincare routines but over time, my experience and my passion guide me towards choosing the right products, with the right concentration for my skin, while still being affordable and i believe that you can too!

What’s your skincare routine? Im curious… does it work for you? Are you looking to change it?