The ultimate sun protection guide

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Strange cream that you have to apply everyday and not only at the beach. 

if skincare is my cake...

...sunscreen is the cherry on top. I derive such pleasure from choosing them and buying them, almost as much as squeezing my husband’s blackheads. Anyyyywayyyysss.
But this year I dropped the ball… between the end of the school year, homework, playdates, work, summer camp, family coming to visit, bikini waxes and dying my grays, I simply didn’t have time.  So by some miracle, my husband offers his help… just great.
When he gets back, he proudly takes 2 tubes out of a pharmacy bag and exclaims : « I got the best one they had, SPF 50! » 
 « I got SPF 50 », we live under an SPF 50 dictatorship. 50 is good but it isn’t everything. Let me break this down for you as simply as possible.


sun is so good for the soul

But we all know to beware of its vicious rays: UVB, UVA, infrareds and blues. 

UVA rays? A for ‘aging’ perhaps? This isn’t the aging you feel, but rather that which occurs as UVA deeply penetrate the skin. This accelerates the aging process and can evoke skin allergies and pigmentation disorders. UVB rays? B for ‘bronzing’ or ‘burning’! But seriously, these rays stimulate the bronzing process and are culpable for sunburns and skin cancers. In case I haven’t invoked enough worry and anxiety, I will go on...

PPD (Persistent Pigment Darkening) - never heard about it - determines the percentage of protection from UVA rays.
So where does the SPF come in?  SPF, AKA Sun Protection Factor, determines the percentage of protection from UVB rays.  For instance,  SPF 15 protects against 94% of UVB, SPF 30 covers 97%, et SPF 50, 98%.

But how can something that feels so right be all kinds of wrong?!  We haven’t even touched upon infrareds and blue light yet.  More bad news.

Infrared rays give us that wave of heat we so enjoy but in reality, this sensation comes from these rays as they penetrate your skin.  They produce many free radicals, which alter cell function and provoke an accelerated aging process.  

And this blue light... Ever heard of it?  It comes from all that screen time!  That’s right!  All computers, phones, and tablets alike emit a blue light that is known to cause skin and retinal eye damage.  We aren’t meant to be glued to screens for so many waking hours at a time.  


Umbrella beach
What we all need and often fall short of is a heavy dose of sunscreen.  I’m talking a teaspoon on the face and a shot glass on the body (you don’t know what I mean, right?)

so here is your beauty regimen my beauties

Uriage age protect creme multi actions SPF 30

Uriage age protect creme multi actions SPF 30
Apply in the morning and every 2 hours

Against blue light, UV, pollution, stress, fatigue... It is a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF30 that will leave your skin perfectly hydrated and protected.


SPF skinceuticals ultra facial defense SPF50+ 
Quand on sort de la maison et toutes les 2 heures

Daily UVA/UVB protective base, light and great before applying make-up.


Bariésun Brume Huile seche 30
At the café, we reapply

With a non-greasy texture, it will melt into your skin leaving your face silky and your tan aglow.  It’s even great on hair because it helps preserve its moisture and natural shine.  It’s anti UVA and UVB.

SVR Sun Secure BLUR SPF 50
A the beach or everyday

First aid flouteur protects against UVA UVB infrareds and all visible light mousse cream that is apricot scented - this one is next level.



And finally, don’t forget your ever-so-stylish hat!