Lost in Skination starter kit

Skincare starter kit

Familiar with those drugstore isles?

I’m faced with rows and rows of small containers, large ones and small, round ones, long ones.  To my right, all these tubes, vials, cruets and bottles.  What about the brands? Brands everywhere. In every which direction, they are all around me. I don’t dare look to my left. My head spins into a dizzied frenzy, I’m at a loss for what to choose... there are too many choices!!!  Time passes but I still can’t make a decision. Help!!! Mayday mayday! I need to catch my breath, somebody get me one of those paper bags.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone!  You are Lost In Skination.  With this bountiful skincare offering, it is indeed impossible to choose.  It was while being lost in this rich plethora of skincare that I finally found my way.  Let us get lost in skination together!

In this blessed twist of fate, we are friends... I thought I would compile for you the perfect ‘starter kit’ for a well-rounded skincare routine. Just follow my guide!

NB : I’ve chosen products that are well-suited to my skin type, but alas, we don’t all have the same skin.

 PS : You can experience a frenzy of similar dizzying proportions in the chocolate isle... but in this case, I don’t struggle with choosing, I take it all. 


My choice: SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.5

WHY? A Vitamin A derivative, it’s the undeniable anti-aging agent in combatting wrinkles, acne, and pigmentation issues.
HITCH? Retinol is an irritant.  This is why this particular formulation is genius; skin receives a full dosage of Retinol in smaller increments so as to minimize redness. 
WHO? Sensitive skin peeps beware.  Don’t use this every night and use formulas with lower concentrations.
WHEN? PM only.
CAUTION! Use SPF the next day because retinol increases photosensitivity.
76$ - www.etiket.ca


Hyaluronic Acid
My choice: NIOD MMHC2

WHY? This molecule is naturally present in the epidermis; engorged with water, it fills the void between cells to keep skin supple.  As skin ages, this molecule replenishes itself less and less over time.  This serum contains 12 forms of hyaluronic compounds to help diminish the void between cells and thereby reduce wrinkles and fine lines, with precursors that stimulate the body’s production of new molecules.  
WHO? All skin types.
60$ - www.theordinary.com



My choice: The Ordinary Niacinamide 10 % + Zinc 1 %

WHY? Dilated pores, fine lines, pigmentation issues, dull complexion?  This Vitamin B3 formula is dense in antioxidants and helps minimize redness, unclog pores, and improve the skin’s surface for a brighter complexion.  
WHO? All skin types.
5,90$ - www.theordinary.com


Glycolic Acid
Mon choix: Neostrata Night Repair Cream

WHY? We must be cautious when it comes to exfoliation!  Certain exfoliants are too strong an can create an opposite reaction to what is desired.  Like anything else, it comes down to knowing how to exfoliate properly.  AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) is naturally present in various fruits.  When applied to skin, AHA enables a peeling effect to take place, which helps to eliminate dead skin cells and sebaceous secretions.  RESULT? Cell renewal, a brighter complexion, diminished wrinkles and fine lines, a more balanced pH, and diminished acne.
WHO? Stay away if you have sensitive skin.  This one is my favorite because it works well with my skin and it’s blended with cream so it’s less aggressive.  
WHEN? Once a week, and only proceed to 2 or 3 times per week if the skin can tolerate it. PM only.

42$ - www.neostrata.ca


My choice: Indie Lee Squalene Face oil

WHY? The epidermis forms a protective lipid barrier in order to defend against exterior aggressions.  Squalene, a derivative of the squalene molecule naturally present in sebum, is used to help care for this protective layer.  
WHO? All skin types.
44$ - www.sephora.ca


Hydrating cream
My choice: SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interrupter

WHY? If you’re gonna hydrate, you may as well take care of some important prevention at the same time!  This cream contains ingredients that interrupt the aging process at the cutaneous level and improve skin’s elasticity.  
WHO?  Dry skin, normal skin, as well as sensitive skin that requires anti-aging attention.
178$ - www.etiket.ca


My choice: Nannette de Gaspé Roller Noir

WHY? Torture instrument or trusty beauty tool?  Micro-needling is among the most efficient and economical ways to minimize the appearance of fine lines, and to reignite the healing response in the skin.  By perforating the skin with tiny needles, collagen regeneration ensues while assuring the maximal penetration of active ingredients.  Check out my article on derma rollers to determine which one would work best for you.  
WHO? Sensitive skin? Stay away.
WHEN? PM.  Skin must recover so no acids or highly concentrated products following the use of your derma roller. 

40$ - www.nannettedegaspe.com


My choice: SPF skinceuticals ultra facial defense SPF50+ 

WHY? I can never say it enough: sun is the cardinal enemy of young skin!  UV rays destroy the collagen fibers in the skin as well as create cavernous areas around the face.  Rain or shine, inside the car or out, you need SPF to age well.  To make your decision, consult my SPF article to learn the differences between physical and chemical filters.
WHO? Everyone. 
WHEN? Everyday.  Every 2 hours if subjected to prolonged sun exposure.

46$ - www.etiket.ca


Microcurrent device
Mon choix: Nu Face Trinity Facial Toning Kit

WHY?  It’s ‘skin-cercise’ - actual exercise for your face!!  Muscles in the face get stimulated by an electrical current in order to obtain a natural face-lift effect.  The other upside - you can train at home, in your PJ’s, while watching Netflix!
WHO? All skin types, with measured intensity.
325$ - www.netaporter.com


Lip Balm
My: choice Uriage Cica-Lips repair Bariederm

WHY?  It’s fragrance-free and light, and instantaneously soothes that pulling sensation while repairing chapped lips.  It even protects against future aggression.
WHO? Everyone, including kids.
WHEN? As needed.

11$ - www.jeancoutu.ca

So are you ready to revolutionize your skincare wardrobe? What do you think? Anything you would add??