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Wipe out

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Wiped out in familiar language being really tired.

I am convinced...

you are already familiar with the typical evening fatigue. Picture this: it’s 9:08pm and it hits you over the head, unannounced and unforgiving. 

Let me explain. After having put my kids to bed, read them a story, tucked them in for a second time, followed by yet another story, then some yelling, then tucking, more stories and even more tucks and yells, they finally end up in my bed. Then, the complete and utter fatigue makes its a grand entrance.
We all share this universal truth, one way or another. Whether it comes in the form of dozing off in our child’s bed (some involuntary drooling included), or finishing one 52-minute episode on Netflix over the course of a full week, or even shedding a joyful tear upon tucking yourself in your duvet (God bless my bed).

But, what’s different from when I was 18?  Going to bed early, staying home, saying no to late parties - my teenage punishments have suddenly become the necessities of my adult life. Hmmm. Quite worrisome isn’t it?

Despite this tenacious fatigue, I don’t waiver from my golden rule: my ultimate nighttime skin routine. I call it my golden rule because only at night can our skin repair and restore itself in preparation for the next day. Here’s my plan:

In bed morning girl
PM: the word of the hour is RETINOL
Retinol minimizes the appearance of pores, activates collagen and hyaluronic acid production (for reinforcing skin), improves epidermal restoration and brightens complexion. Because it boosts skin on a cellular level, we can feel a bit of a burning sensation.
- It is not to be used during the day as staining may occur when exposed to sunlight.
- It can irritate sensitive skin so it is best not to use it every day if your skin reacts to it, using it even every other day or one day out of three can be much better.

Ma routine

Guerlain ABeille Royale

Milky Jelly cleanser Glossier

I remove my makeup using multiple cotton pads until they don’t show any makeup residue and then I throw them out. Friendly tip: Never use the same pad twice!  I use the Milky Jelly cleanser by Glossier because it is creamy, fresh, and glides easily across my skin.  I like to rinse my face with water after this to feel extra clean.

Lotion-Essence Orchidée Impériale Guerlain

Hydrates and prepares my skin for what’s next.  I give it extra points for its amazing scent.

Retinol 0,2% in Squalane Deciem

My skin never felt irritated with this particular serum.  I wake up the next day with radiant, soft skin. The retinol concentration is low which helps in not irritating my skin. If your skin reacts well to retinol, you can use higher concentrations (0.5% - 1%).


Huile de Marula Shea Terra Organics

I need a lot of hydration and I find that the cold-pressed  Marula oil from Shea Terra Organics is both natural and efficient. 

Skinceuticals eye balm

It does it all: hydrates, reduces fine lines, and minimizes puffiness and dark circles. It’s a must-have!

Thanks to this routine, I wake up with a face that is softer and more hydrated, and a skin tone that is even and fortified. Are you part of the lifeless clan ready to resurrect your skin? Let me know!